PipeTube 3.0m (Universal Fit)


£119.95 (inc vat @20.00 %)

About this product

PipeTube is a great way to transport copper pipes, conduit and other lengthy materials quickly and safely. Not only is PipeTube strong and secure, it is also easy on the eye.

The PipeTube is designed to hold up to 50 x 15mm copper tubes (or similar) and is light, strong and aerodynamic. It is manufactured from powder coated aluminium and comes in 2 sizes (2m and 3m).

The PipeTube’s nose cone combines a steel bulkhead for strength with a plastic nose cone to improve aerodynamics.

The PipeTube is key lockable at both ends; ensuring safety and protection from theft.

Key features:
- Strong and secure.
- Holds up to 50 x 15mm pipes (or similar).
- Made from powder coated aluminium.

- This PipeTube can be used with any bars that are between 25mmx255mm and 45mmx60mm. Please enquire if you are unsure.