10 Ways To Save Money On Fuel

Top 10 ways to cut petrol consumption 

1. Use the handbrake when waiting at traffic lights and in traffic jams. Using the clutch/ accelerator uses more fuel.

2. Plan journeys well in advance and have a back-up route ready in case of bad traffic. By planning the quickest, most fuel efficient route you will save time and money.

3. Don’t use air conditioning or heating unless you really need it.

4. Drive in the correct gear and accelerate smoothly. The perfect way to travel is at a constant speed (ideally around 50mph when this isn’t breaking speed limits), and in the highest gear (five or six).

5. Remove roof racks/roof boxes and unload any equipment when it is not needed. The heavier your vehicle the higher your fuel consumption.

6. Check tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. The lower the tyre pressure, the more fuel the car needs to be able to move. Regular tyre maintenance checks are essential in reducing fuel costs AND keeping yourself safe on the road.

7. Keep the sun roof and windows closed (unless you really need them open).

8. Use cruise control when appropriate. 

9. Avoid harsh and unnecessary acceleration (for example when approaching lights or traffic knowing you need to stop).

10. Drive smoothly along roads with speed bumps to avoid unnecessary acceleration and deceleration.