Advantages of a roof rack

Roof racks have many advantages and enable you to store more on your vehicle with ease.
Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Capacity: Roof racks are essentially open storage platforms for your vehicle. You can pile as much or as little onto them as you want. Got odd-sized or extra large items? They pose no problem to a rugged roof rack. Just make sure you strap everything down tightly, otherwise you could cause an accident.

  • Versatility: More than just a cargo hold, a roof rack can be modified and personalized to fit your particular needs. Rhino roof racks are designed primarily for commercial uses and can hold a number of different tools and equipment; from ladders to pipes. Rhino offer 2 types of rack; Modular and Aluminium. These racks are quite different to allow customers to choose a rack that best suits their needs...
Above: The Modular rack comes in 3 sections (top left) or 2 sections (top right), where as the Aluminium rack is in one piece (bottom).

  • Strong and durable: Rhino roof racks are deisgned to be aerodynamic (reducing wind resistance and fuel consumption) and strong. They are able to carry equipment of all different weights - just be careful not to overload your van!