How old is your van?

Do you drive a lightweight commercial vehicle every day for your job? Be it a vehicle loaned to you by your employer or a vehicle you have had to buy to work, there are a lot of vans out on the roads every day of the week. But are these vans new or old? According to new research 1.19million vans or 33% of all vans on the road in 2015 were over a decade old! This is 10% more than the previous year of 1.08million vehicles in 2014.

Since the recent credit crunch we as a nation went through, businesses in particular are putting off fleet vehicle upgrades. Although tough economic times are now behind us, lending schemes are still constrained. We are also faced with new complications such as ‘Brexit’ which is leaving consumers with no confidence, not wanting to invest or commit due to uncertainty.

Not upgrading vehicles can result in devastating costs with larger damages to your company than investing in new vehicles. You could end up with high fuel, maintenance and repair costs. Not to mention the damages to your brand reputation. Customers seeing your employee’s turn up to jobs in an old scruffy van or potential clients seeing your printed vans driving around could really damage the brand image and lose you repeat and new custom. 

Of course vehicles of over 10 years old are deemed unreliable and breakdowns could occur. If this happened to an employee out on the road this could lead to jobs being completed later than scheduled or even cancellation which all damages the customer experience and reputation of your business. Take delivery companies for example, with most people now shopping online and expecting their parcels within a couple of days’ van breakdowns and problems is the last thing they would need.

Research has shown people are interested in investing in the new electric van concept when resources become more available.

In the meantime, updating your van with new accessories or having it converted can help improve its appearance and extend its life a little further.