Loading Your Van Safely

What are the penalties for an overloaded van?

Van and commercial drivers are probably aware that even the most heavy duty vehicles can struggle with loads. Their are strict regulations in place when it comes to loading your van, and this is to ensure the safety of van drivers and fellow road users.

If a police or VOSA officer finds you to be carrying more than your legal maximum weight, they will impose a fixed penalty fine (the amount of which depends on how much you have gone over the legal limit). The current penalties are below:

Amount over limit: Fine:
5%-10% £100
10%-15% £200
15-30% £300
More than 30% Court summons

How do I know how much my van can legally carry?

To find out how much weight you are allowed to carry in your van, you need to find out two things:
  1. The van’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).
  2. The van’s kerb weight.

A van’s kerb weight refers to how much the van weighs on its own, with a full tank of petrol but with no additional passengers or items. The kerb weight can be found in the vehicle’s instruction manual, or you can look up your specific model on the internet.

You can find out your van’s GVW in its instruction manual or brochure – it is also normally printed inside the van itself (usually near the door latch).

Simply subtract the kerb weight from the GVW, and you will have the maximum weight you are legally allowed to carry in your van. For example, if you have a van with a GVW of 2240kg and a kerb weight of 1415kg, you would subtract one from the other, and see that you are allowed to carry up to 825kg extra.

How can Rhino Roof Accessories help?

All Rhino roof racks, bars and accessories are designed and manufactured to be as light and aerodynamic as possible, whilst also being strong and durable to enable you to load your van as safely as possible. Every single product undergoes extensive testing including;
- Life Cycle Testing - Tests products against long-term usage scenarios ensuring the highest standards of quality.
- Wind Tunnel Testing - Aerodynamic testing ensures that wind noise and drag are considerably reduced in comparison to using conventional square designs.
- Crash Testing - In order to be assured of safety, our products are crash tested to 20g. This is twice the industry standard.
These tests mean you are getting a quality product that is still lightweight and aerodynamic (saving you fuel and money). As well as thoroughly testing their products, Rhino also use the best materials on the market. They ensure the materials are strong, durable and anti corrosive - while also being lightweight - to maximise the load you are able to carry on your vehicle.