Winter warning - slips & falls

How fitting that December has arrived and the temperature has severely dropped to lows of minus 8 degrees! There is no doubt that you have been out at the crack of dawn blasting the heaters in your van and scrapping ice from your windows before a long day ahead out in the cold. For those of you that work outdoors; roofers, window cleaners, builders etc. this time of year can make life a little more difficult and bring with it an increased amount of dangers and risks.

These risks can be reduced by investing in our high quality Rhino products which are produced with safety in mind. Advanced engineering manufacture in the UK means that not only is the range designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fully functional but anti-slip technologies have been developed to reduce risks whilst working.


  • Load stops – this will keep your load in place on your roof rack or bars and stop any movement.
  • Rear door ladder – produced with anti-slip plates to ensure each step up or down is safe.
  • Step – produced with slip tread plates to keep you safe whilst climbing in and out of your vehicle.
  • Walkway – our walkways produced in house by expert engineers are produced using a non-slip central panel to walk along.

Why not treat your fleet of lightweight commercial vehicles to an upgrade this winter just in time for the new year. This could help to prevent employees having to take sick leave due to injury from slips and falls. Or treat a loved one this Christmas to keep them safe at work and keep your mind at rest.

Ways you can keep yourself safe this winter…

  • Although your hands might be cold, don't put them in your pockets when you are navigating wintry stretches. If you slip, you will need your arms to restore balance. If you fall, your arms will help you to break your fall and land safely.
  • Wear the proper footwear. Although it may not be glamorous to wear a pair of boots, it will give you traction, not to mention keep your feet warm.
  • If you think you are approaching a particularly slick area of snow or ice, don't be afraid to explore the area with your toe to see how slippery it is before you put your full weight on the area.
  • Don't carry large loads while walking on snow or ice - you are asking for trouble!
  • Take small careful steps instead of large ones. When getting out of a vehicle, step, don't jump. When possible, use handrails, handles - anything that will help you keep your balance. Never run.

300,000 serious injuries occur in winter due to slips and falls with 20,000 resulting in deaths. Ensure you are not another number and invest in some equipment with leading technology that you know you can trust.

REMEMBER: that prevention is the best way to stop slips and falls during the winter in icy conditions.